Markdown in action

发布时间:2014-10-22 19:35:16

markdown 简单易用,高效便捷! #Learn Markdown ## pragraph one * list,列表 you know it, speak it up. * [table]( <table border="1"> <tr> <th>name</th> <th>Telephone</th> <th>Mobile</th> </tr> <tr> <td>Bill Gate</td> <td>555 77 854</td> <td>555 77 855</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Steve Job</td> <td>555 77 834</td> <td>555 77 835</td> </tr> </table> 中文支持 * code: one while line and two tab spaces. # white line and space has business. print "Hello World!" ## pragraph two * link [Google]( "Google") is great! [Relitive path](/relpath/) also works if the page is in disk or site. Id usage for [Google][g] link. [g]: "Google" * table * image <img src="/Users/faramir/Pictures/wave.jpg" alt="Smiley face" height="42" width="42"> ![wave](/Users/faramir/Pictures/wave.jpg) ![web image]( ## pragraph three * text *single as* ** doule trick for bold** * block > as I mention something. > >you may have interests. > cool stuffs * split want to see something? *** want to share something? *** just make it clear.