PTC Arbortext

发布时间:2014-10-25 2:19:24

PTC Arbortext安装 Arbortext 试用序列Key(适用Arbortext 版本V5.1/5.2/5.3.) 8135925292748177759988844784816920442 _____________________________________ Step: 1.安装.NET Framework 1.1 或更新版本 2.调整系统时间to Year2006~2007 3.安装ARBORTEXT EDITOR WITH STYLER 4.输入Licence key to ArbortextLM    Successfully installed Key :6009.lic 5.OK,完成,即可进入ARBORTEXT EDITOR WITH STYLER! __________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT NOTE: Select ARBORTEXT EDITOR WITH STYLER NOT Arbortext Editor when you install the software. The enclosed license key only enables Arbortext Editor with Styler. Thank you for your interest in evaluating Epic Editor with Styler. Here is your Evaluation License Key that you will need to use the software: 8135 9252 9274 8177 7599 8884 4784 8169 2044 2 This key will expire in 14 days